Work from Home Office Tour

My office is where I spend 95% of my time, so I tried my best to create a space that is motivating, organized and enjoyable to be in. We currently are renting while we pay off our debts so I do not have my “dream” home office yet. If I could I would change the paint color and have a bit more room, but that will come one day when we are homeowners. After rearranging 3-4 times since moving in last August I think I have finally found a good setup that works for me!

IMG_3279.JPGThis is what you see when you look into the office door.


IMG_3280.JPGI wanted my desk to be somewhere that I could sit at for long periods of time without feeling cramped and this space works great for me. I hated facing the wall so having it look out a bit is great for me.


IMG_3281As many of you know I have a handmade business as well as this blog so I needed an office that could serve as a bloggers space as well as a studio-type space. The shelving behind the desk houses a lot of supplies for Luke+Ellies and my printers.


IMG_3282My standing desks have been one of my best investments since starting my handmade business. The white drawers to the left hold a good amount of hardware and they look cute! I also keep my cheat sheets for fabric measurements and such taped up behind the sewing machine for reference.



IMG_3284The closet space in my office is probably my favorite thing about this space. I ended up removing the doors so that it feels lighter and more open. This is where I store packaging, fabric, interfacing, already made collars, and some personal items that cannot fit anywhere else in the house.

Overall, I am very happy with the way this office turned out! Stay tuned because we will be moving again this summer and I will have a new office setup to share with you all!


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