50 Tips to Stay Motivated when you Work from Home

  1. No TV/Movies in the background
  2. Wake up early
  3. Have a detailed to-do list
  4. Don’t wear your PJs while working
  5. Have a designated work space
  6. Play music that gets you pumped up
  8. Set hours for yourself
  9. Exercise during your work day
  10. Don’t work from bed
  11. Reward yourself when you complete a big task
  12. Stay off of social media during work hours
  13. Get outside a couple of times each day
  14. Create a [vision board]
  15. Use a planner
  16. Make the days to-do list the night before
  17. Batch your work
  18. Eat a healthy breakfast
  19. Drink water throughout the day
  20. Answer emails, return phone calls, etc. before the work day is over
  21. Give yourself realistic, but tight time frames to finish tasks
  22. Give yourself “real people” time with friends, family or just with a trip to the grocery store
  23. Write down your goals frequently
  24. Remember why you started
  25. Stand while you are working
  26. Use the Pomodoro Technique (work for 25 min take a 5 min break)
  27. Do the most important task first thing
  28. Find an accountability partner
  29. Turn off notifications on your phone
  30. Use noise cancelling headphones
  31. Keep your work space bright and light
  32. Give yourself a minimum of a 30 minute lunch break
  33. Have a strict morning routine
  34. Leave your workspace neat and tidy at the end of every day
  35. Use your calendar to its fullest potential
  36. Cross items off of your to-do list as you complete them
  37. Set clear expectations of your work schedule with your friends and family so that they cannot just drop in to hang out because they know you are at home
  38. Get a good nights sleep every night
  39. Stretch throughout the day
  40. Eat healthy, energizing snacks throughout your day
  41. Know that it is okay to push something onto tomorrows to-do list if you do not have time
  42. Allow yourself a couple of days a week to be a bit more laid back than others
  43. Diversify your tasks
  44. Break your big goals down into manageable tasks
  45. Don’t make excuses
  46. Have fun
  47. Picture yourself being successful
  48. Stop multitasking
  49. Let some fresh air into your workspace
  50. Ask for help when you need it

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