How I Budget in my Erin Condren Life Planner

Before the start of every month I take time to sit down and fix out my calendar and write down my budget. Having all of my finances written out so that I can see them everyday helps me stay motivated and stay on track when it comes to spending, saving and paying off debt.


The first thing I do is take a look at all the upcoming bills for the month and I write down what bills we have, the amount and the date that they are due on the side of the months calendar. (for privacy purposes I will not be showing you the amounts of each bill) And I add up the total amount in bills for the month at the bottom.


Next, I use some stickers from the back of my planner and put them on the days when we have bills due or coming out of our accounts. I write down the name of the bill and the amount on the stickers (light green).  I also put a different color sticker on my paydays (purple).



I am self employed, so my income varies. We are on a very strict budget and I am super paranoid about not over drafting my account. In order to help me with this on every payday I write down how much money we are paying in bills for the upcoming week and iI make sure that when I get paid, I have enough in my account to cover all the bills.


After I have all of my amounts added up and my calendar filled out I flip to the previous page where I write down all of our cash envelopes and sinking funds.

I then add up the total amount of sinking funds, cash envelopes and the bills. I take the bottom of the page for my paycheck amounts so that I can  have a record of what I made that month.

Lastly, I use the four circles at the top of this page to write down four financial goals I have for that month.


And that is it! Let me know how you budget and what tools you use to stay on track!



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