How to Create Work Life Balance

When you own work from home, you can often find yourself working all hours of the day and laying in bed at night wondering if you even said two sentences to your family. I am definitely guilty of this and am trying my hardest to work at balancing my life better each day. Here are some tips that help me achieve the work life balance that I want:

  1. Make a schedule and stick to it! I am trying to really buckle down and only allow myself to work during my “work hours” My husband gets home everyday around 4:30 and I try my hardest to be done working at that time so that we can spend time together. I will definitely be posting a Day in the Life post where I show you exactly what I do during the day to be the most productive and allow myself that special time with my family.eric-rothermel-23788.jpg
  2. If it does not serve you, cut it out! I have gone through so many different daily routines and found tasks that do, or do not serve me. If you believe it is a waste of time and you are not seeing anything positive come from certain tasks, cut them out. For example, I used to spend so much time worrying about what I was going to post on my businesses Facebook page everyday. I realized that posting to Facebook does not benefit me at all, especially compared to Instagram. So I quit posting to Facebook everyday and now I post once or twice a week. rawpixel-com-250087
  3. Figure out what is important  to you and fit it into the schedule: Do you want more time to help your preschooler with their handwriting? Do you wish you could have every Friday night free to go on a date with your boyfriend? Whatever is important to you that you wish you had time for, just put that into your schedule first and work around those priorities!jazmin-quaynor-392995.jpg
  4. Own your life and don’t compare yourself: Social media convinces us that we are not working enough, making enough money, eating healthy enough, we are not thin enough, spending enough time with our children and our life is just not as good as those people you see on Instagram. Realize that your life is beautiful, no matter what stage of life you are in or what problems you see. This life is beautiful and even though we can improve our lives and make them better and better everyday. What you have now is still valuable and irreplaceable, so OWN IT! Just try your hardest to make your life beautiful for you, not for anyone else.brooke-cagle-65601

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