My Goals for Each of my Businesses in 2018!

Each new year gives everyone the opportunity to better themselves and start fresh. I am taking this year to really crack down and work my butt off in all my businesses!

Here are my goals and plans for my businesses in 2018

Luke+Ellies (

  1. Add at least one new product line to the shop
  2. Seasonal new releases
  3. Increase at least 50%
  4. Send out consistent emails to my list
  5. Start a *special project* ( I will not be announcing this until it is closer to the release date)



This Fortunate Family 

  1. Post at least three times a week
  2. Start monetizing by April 1st
  3. Send out constant emails to my listcropped-this-fortunate-31.png

YouTube (

  1. Post a vlog once a week
  2. Start a personal channel
  3. Reach 500 subscribers on our vlog channel and 100 subscribers on my personal channel


My tips to anyone out there setting business goals for this new year are to make sure they are attainable, create a plan breakdown with all the steps you need to take to achieve your goals and never stop working hard! I am a firm believer in hard work paying off!

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