3 Tips for Budgeting in the New Year

Are you strapped for cash at this time of year? Are you finding that you have totally fell off the wagon financially this holiday season? I know that I have done this countless times and here are some of my tips and advice for how to hit refresh and get back on budget, or even begin a whole new budget in 2018!

Get a Planner!

I am all about having my budget written down with pen and paper. You are more than welcome to use an app or the calculator in your phone. The important part is just having it SOMEWHERE.

I like to write down my bills on a monthly view calendar and I look at it almost everyday to keep track of what is coming out of our accounts during that week. I will be posting a walkthrough of how I budget in my Erin Condren soon!

Untitled design-36

Get your own Erin Condren here > http://bit.ly/1vIHIDK

Having everything written out in a place that I see at least once a day helps me stay on track when it comes to bill paying.

Create a Plan for your Future!


Sinking Funds are AMAZING! They allow you to break your savings, big spending goals down into small more attainable goals. Here is an example of one of our sinking funds:

Untitled design-37

My husband and I plan out each year in January what we want to spend that year for Christmas gifts. We then divide that by 11 and save that amount each month January through November so that when Christmas comes along we have all the money we need and do not have to worry about over spending or worrying where the cash is going to come from.

You can create sinking funds for anything from car repairs and christmas to a down payment on a house and saving for college!

Get Out of Debt (or at make a plan least plan)

This is our main goal for the next few years. We have a plan to pay off all of our student loans and our two cars by the time I am 26. It is extremely stressful and difficult to stick to such a strict budget in order to pay off debt, but we know it will be worth it in the end when we are debt free at a young age so that we can start planning for all the things we REALLY want like a family, house, and to travel.

I highly recommend reading this book

Untitled design-38

Get your copy of The Total Money Makeover Here > http://amzn.to/2CBftBQ

Dave Ramsey really knows his stuff when it comes to personal finance and getting out of debt. His method has helped thousands of families get out of debt and change their lives!

RECAP: keep track of your bills, plan for the future and plan to get out of debt



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