50 Facts About Me

  1. I was born and raised in Massachusetts
  2. My favorite color is green
  3. I have two dogs, Luke and Ellie
  4. I taught myself to sew at 21
  5. I have 3-4 jobs/side hustles/businesses
  6. I have one tattoo and would love to get more
  7. I often fantasize about the day that my husband and I are 100% debt free
  8. I’ve never smoked anything before and do not wish to
  9. I will have maybe 10-15 drinks in an entire year
  10. Hamburgers are my favorite food
  11. I have never had any piercings
  12. I am terrified of death
  13. One day I plan to open a christmas tree farm
  14. I cannot wait to be a mom
  15. When I was a kid I was convinced that I was going to marry Elton John
  16. My favorite song of all time is Fishin’ In the Dark by The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
  17. If I see a sad dog video or a video of soldiers surprising their families I will cry like a baby
  18. I never had braces
  19. My favorite candle is autumn wreath from Yankee Candle
  20. I absolutely HATED college and dropped out after attending three different schools over the course of two and a half years
  21. Since I turned 20 I have had awful anxiety about things that I never had issues with
  22. I am a redhead
  23. I love watching YouTubers
  24. I want to have reindeer when I have a farm one day
  25. I watch holiday movies all year round
  26. My favorite talk show is The Real
  27. Levi jeans are the only jeans I have found that fit me right
  28. If I could lay in bed with my dogs all day, I would
  29. I think that anything is possible
  30. I am the most hardworking person that I know
  31. I am obsessed with watching budgeting videos and learning how other people manage their money
  32. Tuna casserole is my favorite dinner to make
  33. My family makes maple syrup and it is DELICIOUS
  34. I have had two knee surgeries
  35. I played soccer for 13 years
  36. I love swimming more than any other activity
  37. My favorite date night is just a simple dinner and a movie
  38. I love the mountains
  39. My husband and I have been together since I was 16 years old
  40. I love camping
  41. One of my favorite traditions is staying up late and watching the Super Bowl with my dad every year, no matter who is playing
  42. I hate being around a lot of drunk people
  43. I started my business when I was 21 years old
  44. My favorite kind of chocolates are Hershey’s Hugs
  45. When I was a kid I had a recurring dream where I went to the bathroom and a skeleton came up the toilet and pulled me in by my butt. I was always terrified to sit on the toilet at night.
  46. I am most comfortable in a t shirt and jeans
  47. I did not start wearing make up until I was 23, and I only wear it a few times a year.
  48. I am obsessed with planning for the future, setting goals and figuring out how to make them all happen.
  49. I love great white sharks
  50. I have my dream house completely designed in my head, floor plan, yard, interior decorating and all.

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