Combatting Baby Fever

For nearly a year now my body has been aching, my emotions have been on a rollercoaster ride and sometimes I find myself crying on the bathroom floor.

This is all because I have baby fever. Some of you may think I am crazy because I am only 23, but I cannot wait to be a mom. However, my husband and I have chosen to wait to have kids for at least the next two years. I know this is a good decision, but I hate it.

Why are we waiting?

My husband and I both grew up in households where money was not exactly talked about or handled in a way that planned for the future. We both agreed before we got married that getting out of debt was priority number one. Neither Jackson, nor I want to bring up our children in a house where debt is looming over us, controlling our every move.

Our hopes are that we can pay off all of our debt in the next couple of years and then begin to try for a baby when we are financially free.

I am one of those women who has the app on their phone that tracks her cycle. I downloaded the app a few years ago so that when I go to the doctor and she asks about my period I can answer her accurately. After further inspection of the app, I realize that it also estimates my ovulation.

Since noticing this nifty little feature, I have realized that my baby fever is the absolute WORST during those times when I am expected to be ovulating. It is 100% biological and I have several friends and family members who have experienced the “aching womb”.

How I combat my baby fever

When I feel my baby fever coming I turn to youtube. I watch vloggers like Ellie and Jared, and ItsMeKassidee. They are both families with young children that film their day-to-day lives. For me, watching someone else raise their family and share the struggles and triumphs is very soothing. They bring me in through video and make me feel as if I am a part of their family and I love it. Also, it gives me so many ideas of how I want to raise my future children.

Pinterest and Amazon are other things I turn to when I get upset about not having a baby yet. I have a board on pinterest that is secret that has THOUSANDS of pins about raising a child, clothes, nursery decor, playtime activities and more. Something about planning my imaginary kids life and what I would dress them in, games we would play really helps me calm down. On Amazon I also have a wishlist of all things baby. Things I want to register for when the time comes, clothes, toys, christmas gifts, EVERYTHING. Maybe I am a crazy planner lady, but something about planning things out really puts my mind at ease.

Lastly, I spend time with my dogs. My pups are my babies and I love them to death. I treat them like they are my own children and on my not-so-great days I will lay in bed with them and just hold them and try to remember that this is all temporary and to be thankful for the things I have in my life right now. They always know when something is up and will lay their heads in my lap and look up at me with their big adorable eyes. I am so thankful for them!

But anyways, different things work for different people and this is what works for me. Let me know what you guys do to handle your baby fever!



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